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Photgraph 10th Sept.jpg


Winners Lavelly Trophy

Pat Wadey, Sue Hansen,

Phil Hillsden, Ron Roberts

Winners s Lavelly Trophy.jpg


Runners Up Lavelly Trophy

Sheila Thornton,Sue Hansen,

Alan Wadey, Don Allwright

Runners Lavelly Trophy.jpg



Booby Prize Lavelly  Trophy

Chris Byrnes, Andy Peters

Sue Hansen, Don Mitchell

Booby Lavelly Trophy.jpg
Winner of Spider.jpg





SPIDER AWARD     Pat Wadey


Most Touchers  Pres v Capt.jpg





MOST TOUCHERS    Alan Bailey






                Captains -Top Team

Kath Byrnes,Alan Bailey,Sandra Dunnion 


Runners Up Lavelly.jpg
Winners Lavelly Trophy (2).jpg





              Presidents -Top Team

Pat Wadey, Phil Hillsden Ron Roberts 


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